Funny Warrior!

Warrior isn’t just 72# of muscle, he’s a clown!

I can’t get a good video of him, but there is this big ball I got for Emmy (she never played with it) that has a rope going through it with a big knot at each end of the rope. Warrior has pounced upon it with glee and runs around the yard like a crazy dog, shaking his head and stopping from time to time to grasp the ball and squeeze it! It is a stitch! We take turns throwing it for him (when he will get close enough for me to grab one end of the rope and tell him, “Drop!”). I can manage about 2 times before I’m done in. Himself was throwing it and the tennis ball side-armed yesterday and pulled a muscle in his forearm! I guess we both are getting old!

Then, last night, I was chanting my prayers at our little “altar,” in the foyer and Warrior was lying calmly by my side. (He is learning that this is a “quiet time” when he must lie quietly beside me.) That is until it started raining. The gutter “spouts” onto part of the front steps. Warrior (who has a problem of very occasionally barking and growling for no reason we can discern – BUT we ARE working on it!!) started raising his hackles and growling a low growl. Then, before I could calm him down, he began barking and barking and growling. If I were a person who was considering a B&E, I might think twice! Warrior was barking and growling at the RAIN! The spatter noise from the spout onto the top step sounded to him like a person stepping up to the door!! I just took him back to the bedroom and kenneled him for the rest of the night. It was bedtime anyway.

(When I got back to the foyer prayer corner, I had to figure out where I was, then start that prayer over. God would understand if I just took up where I was interrupted, but my small mind needs “whole” prayers – not pieces of prayers.)

In addition to being a great help already, he is providing comic relief to our lives!

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