Taxi Drivers Refuse Seeing Eye Dogs Entry

I wonder how all these US taxi drivers can get away with refusing to accommodate service dogs? Any other group of drivers would be fined heavily, and the taxi companies would be fined heavily and required to give training in the ADA laws and regulations. But this ONE group of people get away with it.

And another, related, problem is that in many cities the vast majority of taxi drivers are Muslim. So taxi after taxi after taxi either speeds by without picking up a person with a guide dog or a service dog, or refuses the dog, necessary to the passenger, entry into the taxi. Some people documented in the referenced article have had to wait over 3 hours to get a taxi to get home – often in inclement weather.

Why doesn’t the Federal Government and local police enforce the ADA law and regulations? No time? too much money? The IRS goes after even little people who owe less than $1000, but the ADA ignores blind and disabled people’s rights under the law?? We ARE talking about a significant minority group here – the disabled.


Judge rules to allow service dog for Columbia, Ill., boy with autism

Judge rules to allow service dog for Columbia, Ill., boy with autism

By Nancy Cambria

WATERLOO — An Illinois school district will have to at least temporarily allow a service dog into one of its special education classrooms, but not in time for his partner’s first day of school.

Monroe County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Doyle granted a preliminary injunction against the Columbia Community School District, which told the parents of a 5-year-old autistic boy in June that he would not be allowed to bring his new service dog to school. |–MORE–|

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