Sick Husband

We are being rather quiet at the moment. Himself has had a raging kidney infection and has been horribly sick. I’ve been totally worried about him, and Emmy has been beside herself. Several trips to MD and to pharmacy. Thank goodness for Publix Grocery’s free antibiotics program! Our doc looked at the culture and sensitivity results and plucked an antibiotic on Publix’s list of freebies from the list. The offending organism is very susceptible to that antibiotic, so we are using a good one. Himself is gradually getting better, but not altogether with it as yet. At least he isn’t a limp dishrag like he was for a while.

So Emmy has been beside herself. She would trot back to the bedroom and nose Himself’s hand, then come back into the living room and stand looking at me with a puzzled/worried expression on her face. Then she would yawn widely (sign of upset or stress) and trot back to visit Himself. She did a LOT of trotting back and forth in the 2 days he was in bed! When I took her with me to the pharmacy, she would sit up and look for him until I got us underway, then sit up and look for him the minute I pulled back into the driveway. She disapproves of me going places without him, or him going places without me. She wants Himself and me to be as joined-at-the-hip as she and I are!

We are a trio, as far as she is concerned. I’m her Food Goddess, and Partner, but Himself is somewhere in the mix and is important to her. Perhaps it’s because he is so important to me, and she senses that. She doesn’t obey him with the alacrity she does me, but does basic obedience for him. For me, she does nearly anything, and I can help her learn new behaviors rather rapidly [like taking my shoes and socks off, pulling off my slacks, pulling my jacket off by pulling at the sleeves].

She loves her little fuzzy animals. She does not tear them up! She still has some from 2 years ago when she came to me! So she has spent a bunch of time over the last couple of weeks with her “puppies” (as we call them) snuggled on her bed with her. Now that Himself is in the living room, again, she still keeps her “puppies” nearby, but not to the extent she did when he was feeling so rotten. She was actually feeling secure enough to play “fetch puppies” today. Guess we will all survive!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanna
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 21:38:44

    I’m glad your DH is getting better, however slowly. It looks like he will have a long recuperation after the infection is gone. Please do take care of yourself, too. I’ll remember you both.


  2. hearingelmo
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 10:28:55

    I’m glad your husband is on the mend.

    I totally understand about the “trio” sort of thing. My “Chloe-Dog” is very attached to my husband. She actually only knows him as “Daddy” – grin. Her favorite time is when we are all chilling out in the big bed reading before we go to sleep at night.

    Praying your husband continues to heal! Glad you had Emmy to help when out and about even though your husband was sick. I know the blessing that is firsthand.


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