The Attack of Influenza

Both Himself and I are down with flu. Himself is much sicker than I at the moment. We seem to take turns. Emmy is bored, bored, bored, but is putting up with little activity except when I stagger out to feed, water and “business” her. Then I stagger back to bed. Right now, though, I’m tired of trying to develop bedsores, so I’m sitting up and surfing the internet.

Here’s something very interesting that I found. Hope you find it interesting, also.

Bergen County dog’s unique trick: connecting with autistic children


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  1. Suzanna
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 16:09:46

    Wow, it sounds like y’all are feeling just terrible. I hope you are able to get and drink plenty of liquids. I’m sure your DD will take care of that for you. As for poor Emmy, maybe tie a rope or rag to a doorknob or something she can play tug of war with? Or are you able to set up that ball throwing toy in the hallway for her? Just keep remembering that the flu will end in a couple of weeks at most, so it will be relatively soon that both of y’all will be feeling better. Wishes for a SPEEDY recovery coming your way.


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