My 50th High School Reunion!

The three of us had a marvelous time at my 50th high school reunion last weekend. Emmy is not used to tight crowds, and when I saw how tightly packed people were, I was concerned for a bit, but she adapted beautifully. She kept pretty much out of the way of people, didn’t block traffic up and down the ramp to the porch very much on Friday night. Greeted people properly (for the most part – she “broke” a couple of times and turned her head to try to lick people who were petting her, but she got it together). People were most complimentary of her!

The event on Friday was just an informal late supper catered by The Varsity (a heartburn-high Atlanta fast-food landmark for 75 or 80 years). The event started at 7pm – the time that we usually are closing down for the night – and was supposed to go on until about midnight. I figured I’d last until about 9pm – and I was right. We started weaving our way out of the recreation center about 8:55, and made it out to the street about 9:15! I was totally exhausted – just wrung out. And I dozed some on the way home, but the Ol’ Curmudgeon had an exhausting week last week, and kept yawning really big and hard, so I had to keep waking up and talking to him. We made it home about 10pm, and actually got to bed about 11:30pm.

Saturday, we dragged out of bed about 7am, and I made breakfast. Then we both napped a little. Mostly rested. I made sure Emmy’s coat was spotless – as were her toofies and her ears. Toenails were freshly dremeled on Friday AM.

We snacked about 5pm because it was a “heavy hors d’oerves” event. It was at a rather decent restaurant in downtown Atlanta – Shout. We had the entire upstairs area. BUT, to get upstairs, first we had to ride down in a wine elevator disguised as a wheelchair elevator. I was very worried about Emmy, because there was a gap in the back and the whole thing was about 2 1/2 feet wide and 5 feet deep! No fooling! So we 3 along with one of the hostesses went down. There was no light, so we went down in the dark. Luckily none of us had claustrophobia! Then we had to walk through a maze of halls to the concierge desk in the Peachtree side of Colony Square. The Concierge took us through another maze of halls to another elevator (a “real” elevator this time!) up to the roof, across the roof and then into the area reserved for our group! It was really Byzantine!

The hors d’oerves were wonderful! little lamb chops from a crown rib roast that were perfect! And panko-encrusted fried lobster. Spring asparagus with a wonderful sauce. Meatball sandwiches. And a bunch of other things I can’t remember. I indulged in a glass of wine. I got to really talk to about 4 people, and had passing “hello-how-are-you-it’s-been-a-long-time” moments with a bunch of others.

{Aside: If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a bit of a loner and was almost a total loner in high school. So most of these people didn’t even remember me – except I have a very unusual middle name (that I no longer use, but I did use in grade school and high school), so people remembered that name, that it is a boy’s name and that I’m a girl with a boy’s name. So some of them remembered that part!}

Emmy was in her element. She was most dignified and obedient. Finally, however, we were all getting tired – about 8:45pm, and we began to wend our way out. We decided to not repeat the elevators. I was worried about Emmy in that blasted wine elevator, so we went down the stairs – a lovely curving set of stairs in gold-tones. What we did, was, my Ol’ Curmudgeon took Emmy down the stairs, and I leaned against the handrail and went down the stairs sideways. V-e-e-e-e-e-e-r-y s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-w-l-y. I was too tired, and the Ol’ Curmudgeon had my pocketbook, but I wish I had been able to take a picture of Emmy! She loves my husband – they romp together when he is up to it. But she only had eyes for me. She watched me coming down the stairs one step at a time, slowly, carefully, hanging on to the rail with one hand and my cane with the other. And she was dancing in impatience (no she did NOT need to “do business!”). Her ears were pricked up, her mouth was open, she danced up and down the bottom step with her forefeet. There was no doubt about it – she only had eyes for me!

We got home about 10:30pm and got to bed about midnight. We dragged up again about 7am, and dozed off and on all day on Sunday.

I could not have done this without both my husband’s assistance and support and Emmy’s assistance and support. I’m so glad we went. This will be a memory I will savor for a long time to come!


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