Allergies – Again – Still!

Emmy has been on generic Atopica (cyclosporin) for over a month, now. I thought we were starting to win our battle against her allergies, but the last two days she has been utterly miserable – scratching, gnawing her paws, “snarfing” in her tummy, or curled up in a ball of misery.

So I thought I’d check the pollen count – just to see if there is a correlation. Oh Boy!!

Monday: Pollen count was {GASP!} 1633
Tuesday: Pollen count was {CHOKE!} 2967
Wednesday (today): Pollen count was {OMG!} 5733!!!
An “extremely high” count is 120+!!

Pollens out today are Birch, Oak, Pine, and Sweetgum. All this info is from the Atlanta Allergy Clinic’s Pollen Count page.

Since their clinics are not located in our area, and the types of trees vary from place to place, I suspect we have a slightly different “mix” here, but I KNOW we have Oak, Pine and Sweetgum – in our yard!

I knew the pine pollen was getting going when I noticed the back porch taking on a slightly greenish yellow tinge yesterday. But pine pollen is a large particle pollen, and does not cause “true” allergies – where your immune system reacts and you try to reject your nose, eyes and throat! Pine pollen is irritating rather than a true allergen.

Poor Emmy – obviously she is allergic to one or more of the Oak, Sweetgum and Birch. She has “eye-boogers” all the time. I keep wiping her eyes with an eye wipe that’s supposed to be soothing, but 20 minutes later, they are back. She is snorting and sneezing and licking and gnawing her legs and feet and tummy. Then she drops and scratches her head and neck and ears.

I’m cleaning her ears out 2 – 3 times a day to try to avoid yeast infections. So far, so good – cross fingers! It’s just a hard time of year for our little girl!

Suggestions are always welcome. Don’t necessarily expect me to follow them – I’ve probably tried them already, some of them twice! In the meantime, we suffer and wait. And she still works!

Emmy pulls blouse from washer


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  1. hearingelmo
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 21:18:24

    Poor Emmy! Chloe has “mild to moderate” allergies, but she does ok compared to poor Emmy. I heard the Atlanta area was really bad this year with pollen. Hope a good rain or two come your way and wash some of that out!


    • turtlemom3
      Apr 08, 2010 @ 08:17:00

      Today (Thursday, April 8 ) we are expecting a few scattered thunderstorms. That won’t be enough to make any real difference – especially if they don’t “hit” our area. Otherwise, doesn’t predict any rain in the next 10 days. This Spring is going to be brutal for those with pollen allergies!


  2. Athanasia
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 22:18:25

    We are dealing with this with our dog, Tevi. She is allergic to her food; Purina Pro Plan which has a lot of fillers in it. We switched her food to Natural Life Venison & Brown Rice. Much more expensive unfortunately, but it stopped the red belly, scratching the ears, scratching under the jaw (till it bled), snoring, eye junk, etc. Her intake is much better. Her outgoing is much less and firmer!

    Unfortunately all the ear scratching has caused two raging ear infections. Antibiotics (2 of them) cost $100 total!

    But she is much happier now…and so are we.

    It could be her food. Here is a good link to use to evaluate it.


    • turtlemom3
      Apr 08, 2010 @ 08:11:58

      Thanks for the tip! I scored her food, and it was 104 which is in the A+ range. It is formulated to be anti-allergenic and good for sensitive skin. She is on Apex Lamb and Rice Formula. It’s a small brand made in SC, so I have to order it. It does well – but doesn’t help with inhalant allergies. 😦


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