The Allergies March On!

We’ve spent the month of June and first part of July working on abating Emmy’s allergies. There are no “magic bullets” either for a person or for a dog with inhalant allergies. The best we can do is reduce the symptoms. If we had thousands of $$$$$, I suppose we could have her allergy tested, and then get allergy shots for her. But that is too major an expense. We already are having a major problem with medical expenses for the Ol’ Curmudgeon and for me, not to mention the increased costs of living. Food goes up and up. Gasoline is hovering between $2.25 and $2.75 a gallon at the moment, with no hopes of it going lower anytime soon.

So, with the vet’s direction, I’m “experimenting” with various combinations of antihistamines. Looks like the best combo so far is Atarax at night (it’s fairly heavy duty, so she sleeps really well!) and Claritin in the morning. I also spray the areas that seem to itch with Lanacaine. For areas on her face, I spray it in my hand and rub it in really well. This combination seems to be helping.

We got the backyard cleared out – finally – and she can go out with no worries. I send her out in the AMs before it gets too hot, then again in the late afternoon or early evening after the worst heat of the day is over. She’s finally gotten so she’ll stay out there without me for more than 15 minutes! Such a “velcro dog!” She wants me to sit on the back patio while she wanders around. But the heat and humidity makes me feel awful, and if I am in the sun too long, even early or late in the day, I can get pretty sick for days afterward. So I mainly stay out only on cloudy days.

Emmy’s latest behavior is to push the medicine cabinet (one of those little Iris Cabinets on wheels) over to me so I can dole out the medications we are all on. Then she pushes it back into the general area where it is supposed to live. I can’t begin to tell y’all what a great help this is! In addition, she has practically taught herself to “flip” up the door to the new dishwasher (much lower than the other one) and close it! She can get her feeding pan out of the dishwasher in the mornings, and would probably try to get the plates, too, if I would allow her to.

IRS116063 – Mini Chest Office, 4 Drawer, 12-1/16×16-1/8×26-3/4, Black

Looks like we will be doing some demonstrations for some of the public schools in our county. Met up with a teacher the other day, and we talked about it for her school, and she’s passing out Emmy’s cards to other teachers she knows. I really hope it works out!


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  1. Suzanne
    Jul 27, 2009 @ 16:08:04

    So glad to “see” you back on the blog. I’ve been wondering how Emmy was doing, and y’all, too. Looks like y’all are making progress, which is good. 🙂 What a smart doggy to teach herself to close the dishwasher door and get her own plate out in the mornings! Dogs are great.

    Some rain is expected over here, so maybe some cloudy days will come your way and you can get outside for a few minutes.


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