As Emmy can’t be trusted in the backyard (she finds and gobbles cat skat), I have a nice 26 foot flexi-lead for her. I go out and can stand (on good days) or sit (on not so good days) while she has “free time” on her lead. And I can see if she starts to nibble anything and pull her away (or at least give a tug on the lead) – she gets the idea, reluctantly. Unfortunately, I seldom can actually get down the steps into the yard. A ramp is in the planning stages, but is not yet built. Also, most of the back yard (and the front, for that matter) is too uneven for me to safely navigate by myself – even with Emmy.

Last night, however, our daughter-in-law was in her backyard next door along with two of the grandsons. She came to the fence and we were talking about various things. I was standing at the steps from the porch / patio to the yard. The boys joined her.

Now, Emmy adores the boys and decided to run to the fence – 30 feet away. Well, I was holding the lead too tightly. Should have been holding it lightly and allowed her to jerk it out of my hand. But I wasn’t. ZING! she raced across the yard. JERK! my left shoulder practically came out of its socket. SHRIEK! I was nearly pulled down the flight of 5 concrete steps! I managed to brace with my cane and not fall. That was a strain on my back. But I did manage to keep Emmy’s lead in my hand, and she didn’t get near the fence. (That’s one of the cat skat places.)

She was properly scolded – NO! You Know Better! – etc., and she was properly subdued for the rest of the evening. In the meantime, I was not feeling very well – shoulder, back, neck all experiencing sharp, stabbing pains that radiated into my arm, and down the backs of my legs. OK – pinched nerves.

One muscle relaxant and one Lortab later, I was tucked into bed and drowsing off. Emmy was still trying to “make nice,” by nuzzling my hand and sounding like a nest of mice. I got her quieted down, and she curled up on her bed “place.”

This morning, she had forgotten the entire episode, of course, but I’m rather confined to my comfy chair, wrapped up in my teal fleece robe with alternating heat and cold on shoulder, neck and mid-back. Should have done cold packs last night, but I felt too miserable to fool with them.

The Ol’ Curmudgeon and I talked about it, and I’m going to order another Gentle Leader. I hate to do it to her, but she’ll have to wear it during “free time” on lead from now on. It won’t keep her from enthusiastically running toward something – or someone, but I will have better control and am less likely to be “herky-jerky’d” around. IN the meantime, I’ll bring the Gentle Leader we already have upstairs (I keep it with her “going places” lead in the garage near the car) and put it on her long flexi-lead. Another thing we have talked about is getting a strong post installed that I can simply slip the loop of the 30′ lead over and if she runs I won’t be on the receiving end of “herky-jerkys.”

Plan in place. Order accomplished. Now, time to heal, time to wait for the new Gentle Leader and the installation of the post. Hope there are no more Whoopsies! or Herky-Jerkys!


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  1. Suzanne
    May 23, 2009 @ 07:09:21

    Oh, my dear Elizabeth! I hope you get to feeling much better very soon. What a scare! Thank goodness you didn’t fall down those steps. Sounds like the “gentle leader” and post plan is a good solution.


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