Garden and Gun??

Well, today we went to the cardiologist. The Ol’ Curmudgeon told him to either, “fix me or shoot me!” Emmy was her usual wonderful self, quietly lying under my chair while the cardiologist thumped and listened to the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s chest – it was fine to exam.

While we were waiting, however, I found a magazine on the window sill – name of Garden and Gun! No joke! Articles about camellias were juxtaposed with articles about Berettas, rifles, fishing, etc.

I whooped with laughter, and the Ol’ Curmudgeon had to look at it – he grinned and snickered. When the MD came in, he asked him where on earth it had come from. The doctor just laughed – thought it was delightfully funny, too.

While there, I presented Emmy’s business card to him. He ran around showing it to everyone! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Emmys Business Card - redacted

Emmy's Business Card - redacted

He added another (ANOTHER!) pill – at about $25 per pill – to what the Ol’ Curmudgeon was already taking. Hope this new job pays a LOT of money! It has no benefits whatsoever. They gave us samples for 2 weeks. Try it and see. Come back in 2 weeks. Emmy will be doing a lot of traveling, there!

Emmy happily went along with us to Costco for purchasing our next 4 months meat supply. She didn’t “sniff the merchandise,” so was commensurately rewarded! We spent an excruciating hour packing up the pork chops. We’ve saved the kielbas and some other meats until tomorrow. Helps to have 2 refrigerators! WE’ve simply stored the non-frozen stuff there. We’ll pack some more tomorrow and again the next day. Emmy observed from her “place” in the kitchen.

Emmy recently has been getting spooky about drawers being opened over her head, so I “forced” her to hold her “place” while I opened and closed the drawers several times and treated her. Then I opened them and had her “push” them closed. Once she realized she had a “job” to do with the drawers, she stopped being “spooky.” Now I have to get her over “spooking” over the medicine chest when we roll it around. Treats and a “job” to do will help. I only have to figure out what she can do about it – maybe “push” it into place so I can dole out pills, then “push” it back? Hmmmm. Something to think about.

Emmy sez, “Hello!” to all her fans out there in the blogosphere!

Emmys Signature

Emmy's Signature


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne
    May 19, 2009 @ 17:25:29

    Awww, that’s a sweet doggie you have.

    I actually hope your DH doesn’t need this new pill. Hurray for finding a new job! (Didn’t know this had happened, but so glad for you!)

    You are really creative about teaching Emmy new jobs.

    You sound good, even though your life is “full.” Take care.


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