Spring is a time of one series of thunderstorms after another in the SE. While I can’t “predict” the weather, weather changes do affect my fibro and RA. On stormy days, my fibro really “acts up” with pain, fatigue, and sometimes nausea and d——-. Totally off my feed.

Poor little Emmy! On these days, she gets nowhere near the attention she usually gets! I just miserably curl up in my chair wearing my green fuzzy robe and try not to move too much – except when I force myself up to stretch and move about some. Then I give her lots of attention, but inbetween, she does a lot of DEEP SIGHING and flopping from one “place” to another. Obviously miffed!

She has gotten the idea, however, and doesn’t try to do “my lap” on these days. (“My lap” is when she lifts up and stands with her forefeet on my lap so I can check her chest and abdomen or put her cape on her.)

Yesterday we went to get the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s new glasses’ lenses, then went to the grocery. Since it had been 2 weeks since the last expedition, it was a BIG shopping day. By last night, I knew I had wildly overdone it, and that I would “pay” today. But when I woke up, it was worse than I had anticipated. Emmy heard me groaning as I tried to stretch out, so she knew what was coming. No “run” on the treadmill, slightly smaller breakfast to keep her from gaining weight, and only mild “playing” with Mom.

She is sacked out in her post-prandial torpor (she naps after each meal), and I’m trying to convince the Ol’ Curmudgeon that I can’t make our Saturday breakfast of soft-boiled eggs, bacon and toast. As he doesn’t “do” soft-boiled eggs, it will probably be lightly fried egg sandwiches or scrambled eggs. (Tomorrow should be Eggs Benedict – OMG, he makes GREAT Hollandaise!! But will probably be today’s “usual” breakfast.)

And so life goes on. Emmy has picked up my cane 4 times already – and it isn’t even 8:30am yet! Looks like she will have a lot to do today – if no playing, then lots of “working!” Thank goodness she is with me! I don’t know what I would do without her!


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  1. Suzanne
    May 17, 2009 @ 20:40:33

    We’re having so much rain here that my dh can’t even mow the lawn. He gave up today and just worked with his transplanting in the rain. Right now my thermometer reads 54F, and it’s been COLD and WET all day, and I’m miserable. But I know I’m not as miserable as you are, dear Elizabeth. Thank goodness you have Emmy and your dear Ol’ Curmudgeon with you.

    Good grief, already! It’s mid-May and it’s COLD outside? I hate to say I wish it would warm up because it will probably be 100+F in July, but can’t it just dry out and warm up a bit? It’s after Pascha, for goodness’ sake.

    OK, rant over.


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