Friday Lunch with Son, Daughter-in-Law and 3 yo Grandson

Yesterday I drove down to Decatur to have lunch with my youngest son, his wife and their youngest son. What a wonderful time!

In addition to general conversation, after lunch when son went back to work, my wonderful DiL helped me with the COBRA stuff for the Ol’ Curmudgeon.

As for Emmy, I was a bad service dog partner! I relaxed “the rules” and let the little one pet her a little. It kept him occupied while his Mom and I talked over insurance stuff.

Bottom line on the insurance stuff? I’m not covered under his COBRA because I’m on Medicare A&B. Our drug plan is no longer in place (YIKES!) and we have no life insurance. Since the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s new job will be contract work, he will not have insurance. And he doesn’t qualify for Medicare yet, because I “robbed the cradle,” and he won’t be eligible for 5 more years. (DEEP SIGH)

So, I’ve been looking into our drugs. Only 8 of them are on the $4 per month plan from Kroger, Target or Walmart. Looking into Canadian sources – all told, our pharmacy costs will be about $500 a month, and I’ll have to stop taking the Lyrica (for my fibromyalgia). May have to move to Prednisone for my RA, since even though methotrexate and hydroquinolone (Plaquenil) are generic, they are expensive.

But, Emmy, being a service dog, is oblivious to all the goings on around her. All she knows is she loves me and wants to help me. So, yesterday morning, she held my panties so I could get into them, and the same for my slacks! Last night, she removed my shoes, socks and slacks! In between, she picked up my cane about 4 times, and held my cellphone for me while I opened the car! What a wonderful partner!

Now if she could only sprout some thumbs and fasten my bra! LOL!


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