Onward and Upward!

We (Emmy and I) are trotting on. This morning I was amazed and pleased to watch Emmy trot on the treadmill for 25 minutes, going 1 1/2 miles. She didn’t even start panting until the 19 minute mark! Her stamina is picking up, and her muscles are strong and well-developed. I’m proud of her! She isn’t enthusiastic about our rather boring runs in the library area, but she does it because she loves me – and she wants those treats!!

It is interesting to watch her on these wet days – she HATES to go out in the backyard – and even in the front yard! It is wet and muddy – grass won’t grow under the heavy canopy of the trees around our house – and the soil isn’t so great, either. She would really prefer thick, heavy grass. But we can’t make that happen, so she needs to “adapt, improvise and overcome.” But my dainty little Emmy just HATES getting her feet dirty. So she stands on the steps leading from the back patio into the backyard and looks. And looks. And looks. She shifts from one foot to the other – because she really does have to “do business,” but just really HATES going into the wet weeds and yucky-mucky dirt.

The Vet says she has allergies – that’s why she gets the yeast ear infections. She has had 3 in the last year. I managed to catch and treat one of them before it got bad, but this third one really sneaked up on me. I wiped out her ears one day and they were clean – no brown flecks. The next day her right ear yielded MUCH dark brown gunk. So, off to the Vet. Yep, ear infection. Yep, yeast. Most likely allergy-related. OK, what do we do about allergies? Well, we treat the ear infections as she gets them, and if the paw-licking and nail-biting get bad, get steroid shots. Poor little Emmy! Itchy feet and itchy ears! But we’ll take care of it. Emmy and I are a team and we’ll deal with it as a team!

Today we go down toward Hotlanna to have lunch with my younger son and his wife. She is an HR expert, and I hope will be able to give us some guidance about our insurance problems. Hopefully we will be able to find something that resembles being affordable. Emmy will go with me, of course!

I’ve ordered some cards (from Vistaprints.com) that I’ll be sending out to people about doing demonstrations with Emmy. These are Emmy’s cards [redacted here to remove some personal info], and they look to be a great way to let people know about Emmy and what she does for me! In addition, I want to let people know what a good mobility service dog can do to help someone who is disabled.

Emmys Business Card - redacted

Emmys Business Card - redacted

Have a happy!


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