Thank Goodness for IAADP!

What on earth is the IAADP? It’s the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners. “IAADP’s mission is to (1) provide assistance dog partners with a voice in the assistance dog field; (2) enable those partnered with guide dogs,hearing dogs and service dogs to work together on issues of mutual concern;(3) to foster the disabled person / assistance dog partnership.”

I joined in December, and received my membership card and membership information packet. Seems I can get Emmy’s heartworm, anti flea/tick and anti-intestinal parasite meds free! This is a great deal developed in partnership with the assistance dog community through IAADP, and the corporations that manufacture the vaccines. There is also a partnership with Fort Dodge, which makes the rabies vaccines, whereby I can get a certain percent off the cost.

My vet was very interested, and was delighted to participate! He dispenses the medications, and Bayer Animal Health replenishes his supply! There can be a $20 Rebate from Fort Dodge Animal Health annually for one or more Vaccinations if my vet utilizes vaccines from this large pharmaceutical company.

IAADP supports the ADI minimum testing standards:

The tester evaluates the dog’s obedience and manners and the handler’s abilities in a variety of situations which include:

  1. The handler’s abilities to:
    1. safely load and unload the dog from a vehicle;
    2. recover the leash if accidently dropped.
  2. The dog’s ability to:

    1. safely cross a parking lot, halt for traffic, and ignore distractions;
    2. heel through narrow aisles;
    3. hold a Sit-Stay when a shopping cart passes by or when a person stops to chat and pets the dog;
    4. hold a Down Stay when a child approaches and pets the dog;
    5. resist food temptations;
    6. remain calm if someone else holds the leash while the handler moves 20 ft. away;
    7. remain calm while another dog passes within 6 ft. of the team.
  3. The team’s ability to: enter a public place through a doorway with the dog remaining under excellent control.

Emmy received her Advantage-Multi for 6 months today. IAADP saved me nearly $100!

I encourage all to visit the IAADP website and see the kinds of things they do for us partners!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne
    May 02, 2009 @ 20:42:19

    Yay! for the free and discounted meds!


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