Chip, Restaurant, Grocery – Collapse!

Old Entry – from 12/17/08

Today was my BIG day out of the house. So, as usual, I had to cram entirely too much into one day!

We finally got to Gwinnett Animal Control to be sure Emmy’s chip can be read by their scanner – it can! They didn’t even let her go inside because they didn’t want her to get anything from a sick animal. The man there was so kind and interested in her. he said (just like the people at the Vet say) she was a beautiful example of a Labrador Retriever. He was most gracious.

Ten year old grandson was with me, and was impressed. I have to brag on him. His reading is improving – he read 6 pages from Horton Hears a Who today!

Well, after the Animal Control Center, we went to lunch. Found a new Chinese restaurant. In we went with Emmy. No problems – they hovered over us and were all excited – she was the first service dog ever to visit their place. They had to see her pick up my keys and my cane for me – they were ooohhhing and aaahhhing all over the place!

Then on to the grocery. We went up and down the aisles for about 1/2 to 3/4 mile. I forget which aisles things are on and have to do a lot of backtracking. Thank goodness for the electric carts – and thank goodness for my GS – he pushed a large buggy and helped me so much.

I scared Emmy – I had to reach for a jar of prunes high on the shelf, my hand went numb and I dropped the jar – it broke all over the floor. Emmy jumped and acted really spooked, so I moved her away from the broken glass and petted her just a little, then assumed my leadership position again. This reassured her, and by the time we were 3 aisles away she had her confidence back.

For me, the best part was after we had unloaded the groceries, and I was going inside the house from the garage. Emmy had been “undressed” and sent upstairs for the duration of putting away the groceries. With three humans working on it (the Ol’ Curmudgeon is home on “vacation”), Emmy would have been very frustrated. When I came through the door from the garage and got on my stairlift to go upstairs, Emmy just about went crazy! She came pounding down the steps and licking my hands and shoes, wagging her tail so hard she was wiggling her entire backside! GS was laughing, and even the Ol’ Curmudgeon, tired and grumpy as he was, got a smile on his face! Emmy is just amazing! She can make me laugh out loud several times a day! A total ray of sunshine!


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