First Snowfall

We got our first “real” snowfall of the season on Sunday, March 1st. Lots of big white fluffy flakes fell in the backyard.

Emmy is a Labrador Retriever. These are hefty, hunting dogs – out into the wilds – run through nasty underbrush and through water to retrieve the duck – right? NOT!!

Emmy is a delicate, prissy little girl who doesn’t like getting her feet dirty. Or cold. Or wet. She tippy-tips out in wet weather for her “do business” and tippy-tips back to the house very rapidly. Then she spends about an hour cleaning her paws and nails to her satisfaction! She’s a riot!

So, what would she do in the snow? First, she wouldn’t come out of the house! So I put a lead on her and brought her out with a “Let’s go!” She was LESS than enthusiastic, but I didn’t have to pull her out.

Once out, she sniffed at the snow, and sneezed. Then she looked at me as if to say, “MOOoom – do I HAFTA stay out here?” The answer was, “Yes! Leash off – do business!” So veeerrrryyyy slooooowly she crept down the steps and went to her usual spot – covered with snow – can’t use. She found a spot under one of the trees and “did business” there. Then she sllooooooowly crept out from under the tree, ran over to the far end of the yard, quickly ran the fence line up and down, then raced back to the patio-porch. She looked like a “reverse” dalmation with the clumps of wet snow on her black coat!

I was standing under the eaves, and she joined me – being a “Velcro-dog.” She was NOT a happy camper and wanted to go in. I walked to the door (under the eaves) and she followed me – under the eaves all the way!!

She was NOT interested in staying out and playing. Just wanted to come in! Such a priss.

I was able to take some pics, but will have to wait to add them – have to find the software for the card reader – the Ol’ Curmudgeon put a new computer in the den, and I didn’t realize the cardreader needed software installed – DOH!! Now I’ll have to dig it out. In the future, I’ll just use my little pink Samsung instead of the Fuji with the SmartMedia card.

On Monday, we went out, and the snow was frozen solid. I couldn’t even walk on the porch – my cane kept slipping – so I stayed off the ice under the eaves and sent her out. Wish I had had a camera in hand! Emmy tippy-toed out, her legs went out from under her, and she SPRAWLED on the ground. She got up and looked soooooo embarrassed! She “did business” and came straight in – no sniffing around. But she walked much more carefully!

Today, most of the snow and ice was gone – just patches were left. She still doesn’t trust any icy patches, and isn’t happy about going out at all. I don’t know where she thinks she can “do business” inside the house! I don’t think she’ll be happy until Spring is really here – completely.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mimi
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 15:20:40

    I would have thought she’d love the snow! Stay safe and be careful in the snow and ice.


  2. hearingelmo
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 16:30:51

    How funny that Emmy is so prissy! She’s a GIRL all right! Chloe must be a “tom boy”… that or the hound in her is much more in touch with her “wild side” than Emmy’s Lab. GRIN.

    Thanks for sharing… that was fun!


  3. Connie Lawless
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 17:47:56

    Stuie ( peanut detector dog ) and Gizmo love the snow but not the rain. Giz is a prissy little girl who hates to get wet in the rain.

    I can see Emmy on the snow………. did you laugh at her? Did she get upset with you laughing?


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