We were signed up for a “meetup” with the Duluth Responsible Dog Owners Meetup Group. This would have been Emmy’s first “play date” with other dogs. I investigated this group pretty thoroughly, and the dogs involved are all “up” on their vaccines, and are reportedly friendly – non-aggressive. Play area is indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. The location is at a boarding, grooming and training facility. So I’m as sure as I can be prior to actually taking part in a Meetup, that it is appropriate for my little Emmy.

She needs other doggies in her life. My daughter’s rescue has a lot of Basinji in it, and was NOT a happy camper to meet Emmy, although she was not aggressive. Emmy was happy to meet her, but Maggie wouldn’t play. Probably over time they will become friends and play nicely. There is a problem, however, as daughter doesn’t have a fenced yard, and the dogs could not be off-leash to play. There is no room in her house, either. Don’t know whether Maggie would travel well to  come here and play in our fenced yard. That might be fun, though.

Well, we’ll just have to wait until February to find out how the Meetup will work out for us!


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