Saturday Soiree!

Today was the monthly Red Hat event! We had a blast. We had a PJ Breakfast at a local restaurant, and not only wore purple PJs with our red hats, but we collected 33 (new, not used) pairs of PJs for kids of all ages. What a fabulous group of women! There were members from 3 different chapters there.

Emmy was the sensation of the event, however! Everyone fell in love with her – but, then, what’s not to love?! I put a red frou-frou on her collar, and with her purple cape she was right in style! LOL! She struggled a bit to behave properly at first – so many women ooooo-ing and aaaaaaah-in over her, plus all the FOOD smells (remember, she “works for food”) were hard to resist for a two-year old Lab-o-lescent. But with a little encouragement she managed.

Did I manage to get any pics of her? Of course not! Not even with my new little pink camera. I did get some pics of some of the women at the event. Several of them took pics of Emmy, though, and I’m hoping to hear from them soon. When I do, I’ll post the pics to my Flickr stream, as well as adding them to this post.

Imagine, if you will, 20 women “of a certain age” all dressed in Purple PJs (or nightgowns) with various kinds of bedroom slippers, jewelry and pocketbooks (or “pocketpurses” as my youngest used to call them), all sitting at a U-shaped table grouping having breakfast together. There was laughter and joking, and conversation on both trivial and serious topics. We have a diversity of people – from various backgrounds, locations, and political views. Conversation was lively, and we were there for nearly 2 hours – just having fun.

Next month we will have a cookie-decorating party with gift exchange. Simple, clean fun. There isn’t much of that these days. That’s one of the things I really love about the Red Hat Society. We just go from place to place showing off and having fun!

= = = = =

This week has been difficult for Emmy – she has had to deal with me in deep flare. I couldn’t “do” much with her, and she had to do much for me. i would take her out, but couldn’t throw anything for her to fetch. When 10-year old GS came over on Thursday, he got her to running and frolicking – it was delightful to see! But I was in too much pain to enjoy it properly.

It was at that point I realized I really needed to call the Rhematologist and see about getting a shot of Betamethasone to “shock” my system out of flare. {Why, I say, why, does it take so long for me to “realize” things like this? I was certainly in more than enough pain for several days. But I just kept thinking it would “go away” as rapidly and mysteriously as it appeared.} I called first thing Friday AM, and they said come right in. I did, they jabbed me, I “pushed” through the rest of the day, running several errands and doing minor grocery shopping.

The joints were screaming, and Emmy was exhausted by the time we got home. But she had survived going to the bank, going to the Dr’s office (33 miles away), the drive back, eating lunch at IHOP, going to Target, going to the grocery, going to CVS, and going by the little gas station where I get the occasional lottery ticket. WHEW! That is a HUGE day for me!

Emmy was tired. She had picked up my keys 12 time, picked up my cane 8 times, picked up 3 items I knocked off the shelves at the grocery store, kept me from falling at least twice, and still looked at me with love and tenderness such that I melted each time. Can you imagine what condition my back, hips and shoulders would have been in had I had to retrieve all those things myself?? It was ONLY because of Emmy that I was able to get that much done in one day. By myself – no help from my other family members!

Last night she walked on the treadmill only a short time – I had trotted her up and down aisles at the grocery for a good 30 minutes, and although we did stop off and on, I deemed that she had exercised close to “enough.” I’ve started chopping up her treats into much smaller pieces so she doesn’t get as many calories, and she is walking / trotting / walking on the treadmill at least twice a day for 15 minutes at a time, now. She’s up to 3.2 mph for part of the time. She starts at 1 mph, then over 5 minutes we work up to 2.5 mph. She stays there for about 5 minutes, then I push it up to 3.2 mph over another minute, and have her stay there for about 5 minutes, then gradually begin slowing her down over the last 5 or 6 minutes.

I’m hoping that with the increased exercise and decreased size of treats she will gradually be able to lose that 3# I let her acquire. My BAD!!

Right now, though, she is a tired little girl after dealing with all us Red Hats today. After her nap, I’ll put her on the treadmill again.

By the way, the shot worked. I’m almost pain-free today, although still very fatigued. Tomorrow should be even better. I’ll probably have more energy, too, but tonight will require much sleep.

Currently, Emmy is sleeping on my feet as she waits – semi-patiently – for suppertime. I plan on encouraging her to “tread” for a good 16 minutes and push it to 3.5mph for the middle 5 minutes of the time. Monday, I’ll weigh her in and see how she is doing.


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