Vet and Grooming Day!

Magnus the cat is p*d off – he went to the vet this am and had 3 shots, things stuck up his b*t and blood drawn. If looks could have killed, I would be dead after his baleful glare when we got home! LOLOL!

I’m not happy about doing this part, but I dropped Emmy off for grooming. They will call me when she’s ready. She should look great and smell even better – although between her diet and my grooming, she has very little doggie odor. I wipe out her ears with a solution of 1/4 c white vinegar, 1/4 c rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 c water 3-4 times a week, and dribble a few drops in each ear and massage behind her ears weekly then let her “shake it out” on Saturdays. Keeps yeast infections away.

I also brush her teeth (Oh how she hates it) 1-3 times a week – depending on what is going on. If we are going out, I brush them the day before just to be sure she has decent breath. Her diet is Nutro Lamb (meal) and Rice. Her treats are Natural Balance Lamb and Rice roll with some baby carrots and string cheese added. A very good diet, so her poop has little odor and her breath is pretty doggone fresh. No pun intended!

I don’t like being without Emmy even for 3-4 hours. The Ol’ Curmudgeon sez if anything happens to one of us, he’ll have to shoot the other – joking of course. But it is almost how it would be. Emmy is so bonded to me it is almost funny. She is playing with him, but brings the ball or frisbee to me! Then I hand it to him, he throws it, and she brings it to me. He gets to wrestling with her, and she is wriggling with total joy, but her eyes are on me, and if I even indicate I want her, she leaves him and comes to me. He tells her to “sit,” and she looks at me – “Mom, is it ok to sit?” I have to give the cue before she’ll do the behavior!

If he takes her out to “do business” for me, and she won’t perform. She’ll wait until I’m there before she will “go.” Even last thing at night. Even at the 4 hours past feeding mark. It’s amusing to me, because the Ol’ Curmudgeon was such a big dog person in his youth, and has done obedience training and show training and showing. He LOVES good dogs. (Decent breeding, decent personality, etc) He adores Emmy, and it just about kills him that he can’t work with her. Her primary bond HAS to be to me (and it IS), but he is careful to not – possibly – change that. And it just about kills him.

We aren’t allowed to have another dog in the house as a pet (part of the contract I signed for Emmy), so the Ol’ Curmudgeon has to make do with Magnus. Therefore, keeping Magnus healthy is a priority! Magnus was showing signs of laryngitis (again – he seem to get it about this time of year every year) and it was time for annual exam and shots anyway, so he went in. No pills for him, though. There’s a new antibiotic that works like 2 weeks of pills. Thank goodness!! So he got that, his rabies and his virus (distemper, FLV, FIV) shots. And as I said at the beginning, he is p*d off! He is lying in the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s lap, getting in his way as he works on his laptop, and occasionally glaring at me. He’ll get over it in a few days, but it’s hysterical to see right now. Emmy is mine and Magnus has decided the Ol’ Curmudgeon is HIS!

And that’s most of the “news” from here!


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  1. Suzanne
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 21:05:50

    Poor Magnus. I can’t get over that Magnus is not “your cat” any more! I never expected that to happen. You sound very happy throughout your post, and that makes me very happy. You deserve “happy.” 🙂


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