New Things for Emmy!

Well, I’ve found a few new products (new to me).

First, there is Doggie Walk Bags. They are little rolls of poop bags in colorful dispensers. Of course, since PAALS’ colors are purple with green, I got the purple dispenser. But I did pick up a set of refill rolls. They come in a set of one of each color. They work great! Cut down on odor. I can pick up poop at the vet or when out and having her “do business” in a grassy plot, tie up that bag, put it in a grocery bag, tie that up, and leave it in the car without dying from the odor until I can find a garbage repository. They are sooooo cute! I found them at Pet Supermarket (no relationship to PetSmart).

I’ve been having a really hard time brushing Emmy’s teeth. My hands and arms just don’t “work” right anymore, and have little strength in them. So I’ve been looking for something that she would accept. I tried the Kong tooth cleaning chew toys, but she just doesn’t like the taste of the two flavors of toothpaste I had purchased. OK. She likes peanut-butter – big time! OK – find peanut-butter flavored toothpaste. I tracked it down. But while I was locating it on the rack at PetSmart, I saw something that REALLY caught my eye! It’s called Easy Brush “The Chew-it-Yourself Toothbrush for Dogs” Does it work for Emmy? You better believe it! The directions say only 2 minutes are needed, and that “pet parent supervision” is needed. So I put a dab of the Petrodex Peanut flavored toothpaste for dogs on each of the 4 brushes, worked it in, and gave it to her. I set a timer for 2 minutes, and just watched her – and I swear, she managed to hit nearly every one of her teeth with those brushes while she was trying to get every bit of that toothpaste! Finally! Success! I found the Easy Brush and the toothpaste at PetSmart.

She got an A+ on her Grooming Report Card! (I would have been embarrassed had she gotten any lower grade!) The groomers were effusive in their praise! And I was sooooo proud!

When I went to PetSmart, I also found a self-cleaning slicker-type brush that I think she will accept better than the other 3 I’ve tried, and will probably work better, too. So, we are all set up now: nails – Peticure; ears – cottonpads and the alcohol/vinegar/water solution; teeth – Easy Brush and Petrodex peanut flavored toothpaste for dogs; and the new brush. She should be the best groomed service dog in Lawrenceville – of course, there are only about 3, and the other 2 seldom go out and about.

She had gained some weight. She weighed 60 pounds! OOOOPS! My bad! She needs much more exercise, so my next project: getting her to a faster speed on the treadmill for longer at a time. I also need to separate it from her mealtimes. I don’t like to overheat her just before feeding her. It was necessary to train her at mealtimes when she was hungry enough to do ANYTHING in order to get her food. But now that she’s more used to it, and is padding along at about 2.5 mph for about 13 minutes at a time, I’ll stop the breakfast session, and move it to about 4 hours after that, using only itty-bitty treats instead of kibbles. Later, I’ll move the supper session to about 3 hours before feeding time, and use the itty-bitty treats instead of kibbles.

The only excuse I have is no excuse at all – I’ve been flared for a couple of weeks, and just wasn’t up to throwing her frisbee and her Kong ball and the little rubber “tennis balls” for her. When the Ol’ Curmudgeon tries to play with her, she just brings the frisbee or ball to me instead of back to him! Frustrating, but loveable. She doesn’t like to chase anything outdoors – the leaves and “grot” get on the balls and the frisbee and she doesn’t like getting the “grot” in her mouth. Picky, picky, picky – but that’s our little finicky Emmy. She is such a priss! Doesn’t like getting her feet wet. Doesn’t like going out in the rain. I’m going to have to get a doggie raincoat for her eventually! LOLOL!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hearingelmo
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 21:34:36

    I love the Easy Brush product! I’m going to look for it when I go to Pet Smart again!


  2. turtlemom3
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 15:28:41

    Yes! But don’t let Chloe chew on it too long at a time. They are serious about that. It can, they say, make their gums bleed. If it hurts Chloe’s gums, that would defeat it’s purpose, as Chloe wouldn’t want to try it again.


  3. Service Dog Sawyer
    Nov 24, 2008 @ 18:26:39

    We like raw beef bones around here for teeth cleaning. We get a bag at the meat market for $3.00…for 5 pounds of marrow and knuckle bones. All of us dogs love them, and our teeth stay bright and sparkling white! Natural way of cleaning teeth! Mom says she has too little time to brush five dog mouths each day!


  4. turtlemom3
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 08:11:31

    PAALS recommends we partners not give bones, either raw or cooked, to our service dogs. Since Emmy is the only dog in our family, it’s not too big a deal – when she cooperates! Some days she is more cooperative than others. But even on “cooperative” days she does NOT “like” having her teeth cleaned. This is why I have moved to trying other alternatives. I’ve discovered I can “wipe” her teeth off with my finger using a rough dishrag (clean, of course) dipped in water with a *little* hydrogen peroxide in it (about 1 tsp of the 3% standard hydrogen peroxide found at the pharmacy per quart of water). That, along with the chewtoys, are safer for her, and I don’t have to worry about bone splinters. During flares, of course, when my fingers are soooo painful, I can’t “wipe” her teeth, so I rely on the Ol’ Curmudgeon to help me out. Whatever works and is safe. I don’t want anything to hurt her.


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