Demos, Demos, Demos!

It seems that everywhere I go, people are absolutely fascinated by Emmy! Of course, I think she is wonderful, but other people seem to think so, too!

Monday evening, as I reported before, I spoke to the Lawrenceville City Council about service dogs, and Emmy in particular. I asked them to “get behind” service dogs, and support them as they go about their business of helping their partners – ensuring that access is not denied.

Well! I was pretty wrecked on Tuesday, Wednesday I had an urgent-urgent case to review, and I have no idea where Thursday went – I think I was wrecked then, too. Yesterday (Friday) I finally got out to run errands and do grocery shopping. Emmy was delighted to be more active! So, off we went.

First stop was the drug store to pick up some prescriptions and get some vitamins and such. We walked in, and the first person to see us was a cashier. He smiled at us! We wandered back to the vitamin aisle and browsed, picking up Lysine and Zinc, then Aspirin and Tylenol. A little boy about 2 1/2 or 3 saw Emmy and went ballistic – “Look MeeMaw! I see a black dog! Do you see the black dog?” and on and on. The grandmother calmed him down, and I put Emmy into “Say Hello” mode (sitting and watching me) so the little boy could pet her. His grandmother said, “Isn’t that one of those helper dogs?” I said that Emmy helped me with mobility, and demonstrated how she picked up my dropped keys and fallen cane for me. “Meemaw, can I get me one of those dogs?” I told him he didn’t need a trained service dog, but that he could train his own dog to pick up things for him – when he was “taller.” His grandmother and I chatted a bit, then she had to go elsewhere.

We meandered back to the pharmacy, and had to wait. Of course. I put Emmy “under” the chair, and we proceeded to wait for about 20 minutes. A man sat down next to me and suddenly noticed Emmy. “Isn’t that the dog I saw about in the paper?” – Gee, people really DO read the City Council reports! I said that, yes, she was. We had a chat about dogs in general and service dogs in particular. I dropped my cane, and Emmy “got it” for me. He was delighted, so I put her into “Say Hello” mode so he could pet her.

The pharmacy aid who checked me out was interested, especially when I dropped my checkbook and Emmy “got it” for me – and put it on the counter. Gee, what a girl!

Went on down to the grocery. When I walked in, the manager was walking past the door. He looked at us and frowned – I thought, “Uh-Oh, here we go!” But it turns out he didn’t have his glasses on and was just squinting. Then he said, “I saw the write-up about you in the paper. Is that Emmy? She’s beautiful!” And he smiled.

In the produce section, the produce manager was re-arranging the bags of carrots. I asked for a bag of baby carrots and he produced one with right pretty carrots in it. I said, “Thanks – they are to make treats for Emmy.” I indicated her. He said, “Wait, I have a better bag!” He dug around and then handed me one of the most beautiful collections of baby carrots I’ve seen recently! “Nothing but the very best for a dog that does so much for you!” he said. I was effusive in my thanks. He told me he had noticed me in the cart each week for months, then I wasn’t there for several weeks, and when I returned, I had Emmy with me. He saw by her cape that she was a service dog, and had been watching her. He was impressed that she and I seem to be so bonded to each other – that I kept an eye on her, didn’t let her get out of hand at all, and that she had very good manners. He was impressed, and he wanted to be sure she got only the best he had to offer – and that the entire store had to offer. Again, I thanked him. I’m really looking forward to chopping up those carrots for Emmy’s treat bag!

It was a most pleasant day. Emmy got LOTS of exercise – the electric cart I chose was the speediest of them, and I zipped up and down aisles, with Emmy in a trot! When we got home, after putting away groceries and I took Emmy out to “do business,” Emmy took a nap – a long, deep-sleep nap! She was a tired little girl!

I’m looking forward to more trips out to show her off!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne
    Nov 15, 2008 @ 22:53:12

    What a wonderful day you and Emmy had!
    (This is me “happy dancin'” for ya!)


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