Emmy Goes Before the City Council!

Well, friends and neighbors, I was too wasted yesterday to post about Emmy’s latest adventure. So I’ll catch up today.

Monday night Emmy and I were on the agenda for the Lawrenceville City Council. We got up there at the podium, facing the Mayor and the Council members (with my big butt toward the audience – which is why there are no pics of the event) and I told them about service dogs, ADA, PAALS and, especially, Emmy.

Emmy did herself (and me, and PAALS) proud! She trotted up there as if she owned the place. I managed to drop her leash while I was shuffling cue-cards. I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing I didn’t notice. When I noticed her to my other side and about 8 feet away, I simply said, Emmy, come. She came and I treated her. I could hear breaths being drawn in by the attendees! That was when I knew we “had them.” I dropped my keys and told her “Keys.” She immediately retrieved them and put them in my hand. Of course. But the attendees were intrigued! That’s what we needed!

I did mention that one restaurant had tried to deny me service. The Police Chief and the public relations liaison Captain of the force were there, and afterward assured me that if there were any problem they would support me. That was really good to hear. I knew they would, but to have them tell me so was great!

There was a reporter from the Gwinnett Daily Post there, who got my name and all. As the meeting was Monday night at 7pm, today (Wednesday) was the first opportunity for a story to come out. It wasn’t much, just part of the usual City Council report but if you scroll down past the wine shop permit report, there we are!

I’m getting some more ideas for publicity, too, so I’ll keep you posted as I work them out. In the meantime, we will visit Aunt D and Uncle O this Thursday – I’ll pick up lunch (Arby’s chicken salad sandwiches) on the way. This is a fast-food treat they not only enjoy, but are allowed to have. So we are good to go on that. If I’m not too fatigued from that, I’ll try to drop by and see my sister-in-law who lives in that general area – about 8 miles away.

Today I will receive a “rush-rush-urgent-urgent” case to review. So I’ll be working intensively all day. Emmy will not be a happy camper, because I won’t be available to her except for a few short periods of time during which I will go over the cues she is “shakey” on. The case is due this afternoon – so I’ll only have a few hours to review about 250 pages. I DO wish that people would not wait until the end of the statute of limitations to seek help from an attorney for their medical malpractice problems. We consultants can do a much better job and help their attorney more if we have a little more time to review and analyze their cases!

Whine over. Emmy is resting after her morning “feeding frenzy.” She is so funny. She burps 2 or 3 times after every meal. First time I heard it, I didn’t know what it was. When I figured it out, I laughed. I still laugh.

Emmy didn’t burp at the City Council meeting, though! LOL!


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  1. Suzanne
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 01:54:40

    I’m so very happy to see you so happy! I read the newspaper article you mentioned. I think it is a very good “advertisement” for service dogs. You are so much more active since Emmy came to live with you!


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