Emmy is in deep “doo-doo.” She has been dawdling with doing business in the mornings when my needs are to make coffee before I fall over! So I put her on lead (but not her Gentle Leader – big mistake) and we went out to do business. She got right down to it and within 3 minutes we were on our way back in the house. Coffee was calling!

It’s dark in the mornings (especially at 4:30am – I overslept a little), and a big moth, attracted to the patio light, came through the door. Emmy was enthralled as only an obsessive Labrador can be enthralled. She watched that thing, and watched it, and watched it, then suddenly lunged for it! She jerked the lead out of my left hand, and then jerked lead AND MY CANE out of my right hand!

A horrified, “NOOOOOO!” came out of my mouth as I grabbed the back of a chair to maintain my balance. She turned back to me and there was a quizzical look on her face – which quickly turned to total abject submissiveness when I gave her “down country” about her behavior. She KNEW she had done wrong, and was very sorry about it. So sorry, that after I fed her and we came back up from the basement (where she walks on the treadmill) she went into our bedroom and curled up very small on top of my shirt. (She swipes one of my “used” shirts out of the laundry basket and sleeps with it – one of her more endearing habits.)

She stayed there for about 30 minutes, then danced and frisked back into the living room. In her mind, it is over. Will she remember to NOT lunge away from me? I dunno – probably at least for a while. But, as I said in an earlier post, dogs live in the NOW. “Yesterday doesn’t exist and tomorrow is a dream.” There is only today. They may remember behaviors, and people, but do they remember to NOT do things? We’ll see.


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