A Trip for Nail Trimming

So – yesterday we went to the vet for double purpose – nail trimming and last check on her ears. Ears are perfect. Yeast is gone, but I was warned that this could be an ongoing episodic kind of thing. They recommended 1/3 vinegar, 1/3 alcohol and 1/3 water as a cleaning solution. Then every 2-3 days, instill a few drops, rub them in, and use it to clean the outer ears. The let her shake her head to shake out any remaining solution. This, he said, should prevent problems in the future.

Nail trimming. I have been trying to accustom Emmy to the Peticure, and she kept spooking every time I turned it on. OK. Get the groomer to clip her nails while I’m working on accustoming her to it. Groomer took her, brought her back about 15 minutes later all brushed out and clipped. THEN she told me she uses a dremel tool to do all the animals’ nails anymore, and that Emmy was wagging her tail and trying to lick her face the entire time!! I turned to Emmy and said, “You little sandbagger!” So, in about 3 days, we’ll use the Peticure and keep her nails trimmed regularly with that!

Following the nail trimming, we went to dear daughter’s (DD’s) home and had a lightlunch. Then I brought her son over for a while because she needed to run a rather long errand. He is 6 years old, soon to be 7. He started playing with the Lincoln Logs, but soon asked if one of the boys from next door could come over. I called to see who was available, and the 14 year old presented himself. The two boys, of disparate ages, proceeded to have a blast with all the marbles, lincoln nogs and various plastic guns that shoot little foam darts. They apparently are wonderful for knocking down Lincoln Log walls. They proceeded to have a wonderful war, Various imaginary characters from a plethora of movies and videogames and from their active imaginations were either “killed” or triumphed. In the meantime, Emmy was watching and wagging her tail. Finally, she couldn’t stand it and proceeded to walk into the middle of things and wriggle, lick, wag tail, and knock down the remaining wall. They decided she was The Black Monster and immediately incorporated her into their play. It was a wonderful afternoon with the sound of kid’s voices and laughter. I was disappointed when DD came by to pick up grandson and the other grandson left to go home.

On the other hand, they would totally exhaust me if they lived here, so it’s probably better that they are grandkids rather than my kids!

Emmy likes to play with them, and kids next door do help with exercise.

Emmy just jumps on the treadmill and walks longer now with less treating. I’m adding a middle of the day session using her treats rather than “just” her kibbles. As soon as she is walking happily for about 10 minutes at a time, I’ll try to get a picture of her – getting the Ol’ Curmudgeon to take pictures is nearly impossible, so we’ll have him stand near her to prevent injury while I step across the room and snap a pic or 3.

I’m still flummoxed by “the nail thing,” though! How can she stand there happily wagging her tail and trying to lick the groomer’s  face while having her nails ground down by a dremel, while she spooks when I get out the Peticure?? Only she knows, and she isn’t telling! But she will no longer be “catered” to about it!! She gets treats while she is having her toenails groomed, but that’s it! I think.


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