Bad Day at Black Rock*

Friday (yesterday) was horrible. I was flared both with RA and fibro. That often happens when the weather changes rapidly with drops in barometric pressure. In the fall, winter, and early spring, with chill weather, the flares are worse. So this was one of the early fall flares. “Bad day at black rock.”

Well, I’m not back to what passes for normal for me as yet, but I’m getting there. The insides of my joints itch which usually means a flare is going away – however slowly.

Poor little Emmy was most concerned – she kept coming up to me and wanting to “do things,” and I was just totally “pilf” (as my mother used to say). By that she meant “pitiful and limp.” That certainly describes me in the grips of a flare. Joints are swollen, inflamed, stiff and achey – to the point of serious hurt. Muscles also ache and are stiff. I’m very tired and weak. Tottery on my feet.

Taking Emmy outside to do business is a major undertaking even under the best of times, but in flare it is a doubly major undertaking. I’m walking slowly, with difficult balance, and it hurts to do everything – anything.

So yesterday was hard for both of us. I did take her out. I did work with her in brief sessions to remind her of her cues. But just one cue that she did right was the end of that part of the session. I tried to make it a positive experience, but it must have been very hard on little Emmy.

I did manage to toss the cloth frisbee down the hall for about 20 minutes morning and afternoon. I kept switching arms. But this seems to be the object she most likes to retrieve at the moment. As she needs exercise, I am using that to help her exercise at least until the Treadmill command is mastered.

She made yet another breakthrough on the Treadmill – she walked on it on all four feet for about 15 seconds before she needed to get off. As she feels better and better about it, she will stay on longer and longer. Plans are to increase the speed from 1/2 mile per hour to 1 mile per hour after she is staying on it longer than 10 minutes at a time. Working on the Treadmill cue was almost impossible yesterday. It hurt so badly just to offer her the treats I thought I’d have to quit. But she needed me to do this.

Do you see what little Emmy is doing for me? Her needs drove me to move, to do things, to be active. Before Emmy (B.E.), I would have stayed still in my Laz-E-Boy or in bed. I would not have eaten all day, and would have been querulous and whiney when the Ol’ Curmudgeon got home. As it was, I was up, although tottery and painful, and doing a few things with Emmy when he arrived. And my mood was better than it has been during a flare.

I just need to be sure I don’t “overdo” on inflamed knee and hip joints, or bend too much with inflamed spinal facet joints. Overdoing can cause permanent harm to joints from the RA. Working against fibro pain will not cause permanent harm, so I continue to do it.

Can you see why I love her so?

Sleeping on my shoulder on the way home from SC

Sleeping on my shoulder on the way home from SC

She wriggled around until she could reach me even with her seat belt harness on, then she put her head on my upper arm and shoulder and went to sleep! Isn’t that sweet!

* “Bad Day at Black Rock” was a 1955 film about a fictional post WWII series of events. Excellent film. The title has become a synonym for any day or event that is miserable.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hearingelmo
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 08:36:40

    I haven’t seen the film, but will have to rent it if I can. My husband loves war movies.

    I’m sorry you had such a tough day! I know what you mean about going and doing things one might not normally go do, simply because we feel the sweet “pressure” to do so on behalf of our canine partners!

    Emmy is a doll!


  2. turtlemom3
    Oct 23, 2008 @ 06:25:48

    We got it from Netflix. I’m really “in love” with Netflix. We can get stuff we can’t even find at local rental places. We are on the 3 a week plan. So are son and DIL next door. So between us, we get to watch 6 new films a week: they “put up” with our choices, and we “put up” with their choices. And we get our taste in films expanded – I never knew I’d be in love with Japanese films based on a cartoon series (“Lone Wolf and Cub”). It’s very violent, but fun. They never realized they would enjoy some of the older musicals we order. So we are happily sharing our selections with one another, and we bond together even more.


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