Settling In

Well, settling in takes more time than one might think! I skipped my usual blog entry for Tuesday because I was trying to cram in all the things I need to do with and for Emmy and work on two cases and get the rest my body was screaming for! So the blogs lost – they were at the bottom of my “to do” list. Sorry!

At to settling in, Emmy is settling in nicely. She seems to have “caught on” to our rhythm of life and is adjusting herself to us. I’m just needing to change my schedule a bit to adjust to her.

I get up, let her into the back yard, and watch her while she does her thing. When she comes in, I fix coffee and our “petit déjeuner” of toast and one hardboiled egg (I boil them in a batch once a week). I also make the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s packed lunch. Then begin working on getting him up from sleep. Emmy helps me with that! She sticks her face over the side of the bed and he “rises to the occasion” and begins to pet her. And he is up in about 30 minutes – better than the 45 – 50 minutes in the past. Hope this lasts!

Then I put her through about 4 of her cues, and we sit down for breakfast. Then I work on e-mail and blogging for a bit and then take my famous “morning nap” for about 1 1/2 hours. Emmy lies on her “place” and naps, also.

Next up, we work on 4 or 5 more cues, then I get dressed and let her out for another round in the yard. This is when I take the scooper out and clear the yard of her “deposits.” Then another set of cues. we don’t work on many at a time, and seldom spend more than 15 minutes in a session. We end each practice time on a “high note” – a cue she executes close to perfectly.

Then I have been working again – on two cases that were running a little over deadline. Had to get them in, so I spent more time in my chair than I wanted to. When I finished yesterday, I was delighted and proceeded to do several loads of laundry, sweep and swiffer the kitchen, and swiffer the living/dining area. I sat down to rest and when I tried to get up I was really stiff and sore! Then I went to the grocery. For this trip, I left Emmy with the Ol’ Curmudgeon. I was very tired, and didn’t want to risk doing something “stupid” at the store and hurting Emmy. Next trip will be in the morning when I’m fresh, and she will go with me.

Today, I’m getting ready to take her to my daughter’s house. One of our “cues sessions” will take place there. It’s a new environment for her, and she will need to pay a lot of attention to me – and I to her! All this doing of things is a mutual interaction. I ask, she does, I thank her by praise and by intermittent treats. I’m hoping she will really impress “the daughter-person.” My daughter has been one of my “rah-rah” people about getting a service dog, and this will be her first glimpse at Emmy.

So I’m cutting this short. Emmy and I both need to get ready to go. I’m going to “spiffy up” one or two cues before leaving.

Yes, I know, I need to put pictures up! Later!


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