D+12 – More of the Same

Take a read of the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s blog! He’s on the warpath against sleazy certification of service dogs!

Today we did more of the same things we did yesterday and the day before. No new behaviors at this point. We are practicing on the things that are not quite up to par so they will be up to par on THE TEST!! There are two areas I’m not up to par on – watching to be sure Emmy isn’t nose-diving into something forbidden (like just about everything!) and getting her to “Under” the right way at the right time! In practice, she is absolutely PERFECT! But in reality? Well, today at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast is an example. For those who don’t know what a Cracker Barrel is, it’s a restaurant chain that covers most of the deep south. Don’t know about the rest of the country. They serve really good down-home Southern cooking – resin baked potatoes, sweet ham, grits, thick bacon, pork chops with gravy, biscuits with sawmill gravy – and on and on and on! For dessert you can’t beat their cobbler – with or without home-churned ice cream on top!! I like it when it’s blackberry season, late summer-early fall, and they have blackberry cobbler. YUMMMMM!

Anyhoo, their long tables have a lengthwise vertical partition on the underpart – too low for a Lab to get under. So there is only half-table width available to “Under.” The chairs have all these bars on the under parts, so the wonderful dog can’t “Under” the chair, either. On top of that, I picked the table where someone had spilled syrup or something under the table. My little “chowhound” zoned in on THAT, and it was a real pain to get her “Undered” properly. Then, she started licking the floor everytime I took my eyes off her! “Leave it!!” I said – about 100 times! And every time I stopped looking at her, she’d be back licking the floor again. This is BAD. I have to be SURE she doesn’t do it Saturday!! Feed her a bigger breakfast, you say? You don’t know Labs. They are hungry all the time. Their noses are part blood hound! LOL! So they zone in on any food scent within 100 yards. YIKES!

So, I have to be sure she “Unders” right, and that she doesn’t sniff and lick at things she should not. Add to that, getting in and out of the car safely, and “Businessing” her properly before and after the test, and all that, it will be a wearying day for all of us.

Want to see what a good “Under looks like?? Check out the photo! (By the way, this is NOT Emmy and is NOT Grace. I THINK it is Yeats, but I’m not sure!)

Tomorrow there will be some TV or print media people there, so I need to look better than usual. Yellow shirt, green pants. Then Saturday, I’m to wear my purple shirt and green pants. OOPS! Gotta do laundry tomorrow night!

You’ll hear more from me tomorrow. In the meantime, Aunt D is still on the ventilator, so it will be a day or so longer before she is off it, and at least 3 days after that before she’s out of ICU. I have a couple more days to settle down with Emmy before we trek downtown to visit her. Please keep her and Uncle O in your prayers, also their children O, Jr, G and B. God will know who the initials belong to! And if you have time, please keep me, the Ol’ Curmudgeon and Emmy in your prayers. All prayers gratefully and graciously accepted and received!!


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