D+4 – Emmy & I Advance!

Well, we added a number of new commands (cues) today, but I’m too tired to list them! I’m so exhausted, and the Ol’ Curmudgeon is very tired also. We both hurt and ache in the joint, back and muscle departments. Don’t dare take anything for it here – don’t want to be too groggy to pay attention and do things with Emmy. But I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the weekend already.

I’ll probably go into more detail when we are done. Suffice it to say that lunch today at the Mall was a potential crisis, but we surmounted it in style! Emmy is a trouper. She is a very tired girl, and although I was planning to work on a cue (command) or two tonight, we are both too tired and need a good night’s sleep to get through tomorrow!

Tonight I had to wash clothes. I went to the facility laundromat alone to switch clothes to dryer, and Emmy was “free” in the room with the Ol’ Curmudgeon. When I returned (about 8 minutes later), Emmy was lying at the foot of the bed staring at the door. She leapt up and did her little welcoming dance with her tail banging on  me and the wall and the bed and the table – wap – wap – wap! The Ol’ Curmudgeon said she stood staring at the door for a good five minutes after I left, then settled down and stared at the door until I came back. She wasn’t interested in him – although he would have been glad to pay a bit of attention to her. She wanted ME!

WOW! She wanted ME – so soon! Just COOL!

Now, the poor little thing has drifted off while chewing on her Nylabone. I hate to awaken her to crate her, but it is safest to do that at this point.

Nyte all!


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  1. Suzanne
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 22:13:40

    Awwww. 🙂 My dog always used to lie in the driveway staring down the road whenever I left the house, and she would still be there when I got back; even when I went out of town for four days!! I miss my Suky dog! :(( (She died June 2007.) There’s absolutely nothing (not even a cat) like the love and loyalty of a dog. You’re beginning to see that! {Hugs} Sweet dreams.


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